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Our service can cover all aspects of the media process from defining the target audience using a clients own database for analysis or sources such as TGI to determine target groups and guide media planning.

Having planned the optimum media schedule we buy it as cost effectively as possible in the prevailing market place.

Allied Media wants to be accountable. Post campaign analysis is crucial in determining success, establishing what has worked best and fine tuning for ever improving results. Nothing stands still and planning needs to move with developments in an ever changing media marketplace.

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Allied Media is a Media Independent operating across all elements of the media mix, offline and online to produce campaigns for both brand building and direct response.

Our Client Portfolio is broadly based including Tourism, Finance, Retail, Leisure, Home Interest products and FMCG.

We combine all the features of a media buying shop with high levels of planning skill and the data resources necessary to produce well targeted and innovative media plans. Media value is not just buying cheaply, it is developing precise and effective media strategies  to ensure that client schedules contain the right media at the best price in the market place. If you are looking for service, high quality media planning and demonstrable value for money, let us show you what we can do.


Media spend often accounts for a very large proportion of a clients marketing budget and getting value for money is key. We never forget that what we do is measurable. Our account list is long established with many of our accounts and creative partners having been with us for more than a decade.

We have accomplished this by providing them with value for money through precision in planning, very keen buying, a high level of service and good administration. It is important to remember that clients can always move their business.

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